Connecting with Andersen Windows And Doors

Andersen Windows Rep Samantha Berry Discusses The Quality of Their Products with Freedom Exteriors Founder, Jordan Rodriquez.

We had the opportunity to discuss the details, quality, and support Andersen Windows and Doors offer. Whether you’re working with Andersen directly or like us, as a partner, they make sure to support the vision you have for your home.

Samantha: Hi I’m Samantha Berry, I’m with Andersen Windows and Doors, and I worked the certified contract program.

Jordan: I’m Jordan Rodriguez, owner of Freedom Exteriors here in Huntsville, AL.

Samantha: Why did you pick the Andersen Windows?

Jordan: So for us, the Andersen windows bring a completely different level of quality to our projects from a window perspective. And there’s a lot of different features that are homeowners can choose from, from different grid patterns, different styles, different building materials. So for us it just gives us a lot of flexibility. And then to a big piece is just the Peace of Mind after we install the windows. We know it’s a product that’s going to hold out for a long time. And in situations where support is needed, we know that there’s a large team behind us that’s willing to help and willing to serve.

Samantha: Part of being in the certified contractor program. You get support from your reps that will come into the market with you. They’ll help you with installation, training, product knowledge. We like to partner with Jordan on big projects or small projects, doesn’t matter really focusing in on the home improvement side and helping them deliver the quality and value that Anderson has to offer.

While Andersen is a very large nationwide company, we still like to offer support for our local reps. We like to get into market and offer that customer service. As you can see with our windows on the top there’s casements with the grill pattern. Still match up nicely with the windows down below that are the double hung windows with a nice smooth transition looks really well together aesthetically.

Jordan: So for us here at Freedom Exteriors, one of the biggest things is delivering a great customer experience. And one thing that we really love about Andersen is they have that same quality with us being their customers or the homeowners being their customers they really are here to support us they’re here to deliver a great experience as well so we’re just really excited about this partnership with Andersen and we are looking forward to growing with them in future

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