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Patio Door Installation In Huntsville, AL

Complete your home with an elegant and functional patio door installed by our experts here at Freedom Exteriors & Constructions.
Patio Door Installation In Huntsville, AL

For years now, homeowners in Huntsville, AL, seeking patio door installation services have trusted us at Freedom Exteriors & Constructions

Choosing our professional team ensures you avoid the hassles of improper installation, leading to drafty doors and escalated energy costs. Instead, you get seamlessly fitted doors that enhance your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Our expertise in patio door installation guarantees more than just improved home functionality. Homeowners in Huntsville, AL, rely on us because we deliver results that transform their living spaces. 

Forget about dealing with the frustration of stuck doors or security vulnerabilities. With us, you enjoy smooth operation, robust security features, and the beauty that a professionally installed patio door brings to your home.

Stylish outdoor living with comfy seating and scenic view.
Jordan Rodriguez Owner of Freedom Exteriors in Hunstville, Alabama

Jordan Rodriguez – Owner of Freedom Exteriors

Hi, I’m Jordan, the owner of Freedom Exteriors. I chose to specialize in exterior services because a beautiful and inviting exterior sets the tone for your home. My goal is to create a property that makes you excited every time you get home, and through my expertise, I can easily make that happen. With us, you get top-quality installation, production, management, and a team committed to providing exceptional service throughout your project.

Get Your Patio Door Installed By Experts

Our unmatched service and benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting unprecedented standards in quality. Witness our service’s impact yourself. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Professional Patio Door Installation is a Great Investment

Investing in professional patio door installation elevates your home’s value and daily comfort. Imagine effortlessly hosting outdoor dinners, merging indoor coziness with the beauty of your backyard. 

It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a lifestyle transformation.

A well-installed, stylish patio door makes your home more appealing to future buyers.
Properly installed doors eliminate drafts, cutting down on heating and cooling costs.
Our doors come with modern locks and sturdy frames, keeping your home safe and sound.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Getting a Patio Door Installed

When installing a patio door, many homeowners seize the opportunity to make additional upgrades to their home. Here are the top enhancements people often consider:

Your Patio Door Could Look as Good as These

Your patio door transformation could easily match the stunning results shown in these photos from our past projects. Consider them as excellent inspiration for your own home’s upgrade. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

trusted by 100+ homeowners

Trained James Hardie installers

5-year workmanship warranty

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Patio Door Installation Costs In Huntsville, AL

For a new patio door, the cost typically ranges from $600 to $6,000, covering both labor and the door. If you’re looking to replace a patio door, expect costs between $700 and $6,500. 

Labor fees usually fall between $200 and $1,000, with an additional $100 to $500 for door removal and disposal. Common patio door types include sliding glass and French doors.

Top Patio Door Manufacturers We Work With

We partner only with the best manufacturers to ensure superior quality and durability for every installation.

What Your Neighbors In Huntsville, AL Think About Us

We’re truly thankful for the amazing feedback from our customers. Their testimonials inspire us daily. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:
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Marjorie Cobb


I am so glad I chose Freedom Exteriors & Construction to replace the rotten wavy siding on my home with James Hardie siding and trim!! Jordan and his team were patient, professional, respectful and responsive. I have definitely increased the value of my property with a quality product and it looks amazing! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

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Carl Walker


Jordan and his team replaced 31 windows on my home with Andersen 100 series inserts. We are extremely satisfied with the finished product. Jordan’s communication was top notch and his pricing was extremely fair. His team was on time and respectful. They were true craftsmen. Couldn’t recommend this company more for replacement window projects.

Benefits of Working With Us Here at Freedom Exteriors & Constructions

Choosing Freedom Exteriors & Constructions means partnering with seasoned professionals deeply committed to their craft. Every team member treats your home with respect, ensuring a polite and smooth project experience.
With our precise installations, you can avoid the cycle of constant repairs. Our expertise means your patio door is installed right the first time, saving you money in the long run.
We pride ourselves on offering stunning design options that enhance your home’s appearance. Our designs are not just about looks; they improve your home’s function and feel.
Our team’s depth of knowledge in patio door installation is unmatched. This expertise ensures that your project is handled efficiently, providing a level of service and skill that can’t be replicated.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

At Freedom Exteriors & Constructions, we streamline your patio door installation process into three straightforward steps. Our goal is to ensure that from start to finish, your experience is hassle-free, rewarding, and enjoyable. 

We handle the complexities, so you don’t have to, making your project a pleasant journey.

Step 2 - Collaborate



We work closely with you to understand your needs and design preferences.
Step 2 - Work



Our skilled team efficiently executes the plan, focusing on quality and timeliness.
Stylish outdoor living with comfy seating and scenic view.



Revel in the beauty and functionality of your new patio door, hassle-free.

Patio Door Installation In Huntsville, AL - FAQs

Generally, it takes about one day to install a patio door. This could vary slightly depending on the specifics of the project, such as the type of door being installed or any unforeseen problems we might encounter along the way.
Yes, we prefer that you or another adult be present during the installation. This way, we can ensure that we can immediately address any questions or preferences you might have.
Absolutely, we take care of removing your old patio door and disposing of it properly, so you don’t have to worry about it.
For the most part, yes. There are a few exceptions, but we’re skilled at handling a variety of installations – whether it’s a standard door frame or something a bit more complex like patio door installation or sliding glass doors. We’ll assess the situation and discuss the options with you during our initial meeting, whether it’s about sliding patio doors, french doors, or more natural light with new sliding panels.
We offer a wide range of patio doors, including sliding glass doors, French doors, and more. Whether you need a new patio door installation or want to replace your existing patio door, our selection of sliding patio doors can bring more natural light into your home. With options like vinyl patio doors and telescoping doors, you can find the perfect style to suit your space. Our expert advice on door installation ensures a seamless process from start to finish, saving you time and money.
We recommend clearing the area around the existing patio door, both inside and out, for patio door installation. This helps us to work efficiently and safely, whether it’s sliding glass doors or French doors. If you need help with this, just let us know!
If the weather looks like it will be a problem, we’ll reach out to you to reschedule. Your new patio door needs to be installed under the best conditions to ensure a flawless finish.
Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty covering both the patio door and our labor during the sliding door installation. We’ll give you all the details, including the sliding glass door frame material, before we start so you know exactly what to expect. Our expert advice ensures that the installation of your new sliding patio door will bring more natural light into your room, with the option for window tinting to enhance the space.

Complete Your Patio Setup With The Help of Our Experts

Jordan Owner of Freedom Exteriors Huntsville Alabama

Jordan Rodriguez

Investing in patio door installation is the upgrade your home needs, promising enhanced beauty and functionality. Don’t wait, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. 

A new patio door not only improves your home’s appeal but also its energy efficiency and security

Contact us at (256) 203-3705 and our experts at Freedom Exteriors & Constructions will make your vision a reality.

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Huntsville, AL, distinguished as the “Rocket City,” is a nexus of innovation and natural beauty. Home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, it showcases the city’s pivotal role in U.S. space missions. The Huntsville Botanical Garden and Monte Sano State Park offer serene escapes, punctuating the city’s commitment to preserving natural beauty amidst technological advancement.