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Siding Replacement And Installation In Huntsville, AL

Replace the existing siding of your home with brand-new siding and enjoy the benefits that come with it.
Freedom Exteriors Worker Hammering Nails on House Siding

Parking in your driveway and seeing your home after a long day of work should spark joy and pride – but if your home’s siding is not looking at its best, joy and pride might not be first on your mind. Old, dated, and fading home siding, whether it’s wood or vinyl, makes your property look like no one lives there, and no homeowner wants that. 

But the solution is simple – a siding replacement and installation service. Luckily, here at Freedom Exteriors, that’s exactly what we’re doing, and we’re doing it better than anyone else in Huntsville, AL.

New Siding Installed By Freedom Exteriors in Huntsville Alabama
Jordan Rodriguez Owner of Freedom Exteriors in Hunstville, Alabama

Jordan – Owner of Freedom Exteriors

Hi, I’m Jordan, the owner of Freedom Exteriors. I chose to specialize in exterior services because a beautiful and inviting exterior sets the tone for your home. My goal is to create a property that makes you excited every time you get home, and through my expertise, I can easily make that happen. With us, you get top-quality installation, production, management, and a team committed to providing exceptional service throughout your project.

A Siding Replacement And Installation That Takes Care Of Everything

Whether you live in Huntsville, AL, or surrounding areas, you’ll get a complete service that takes care of everything, from prepping the work site to cleaning it. We’ll install your beautiful new siding and make the whole process one-of-a-kind.

Huntsville Homes - With New Siding

If you’re like most of us, you want to be proud of your property. Your home’s siding is the first thing people see when passing by, so it’s your best chance to enhance the curb appeal of your home and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Here’s how we transformed other homes in Alabama.

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Jordan Owner of Freedom Exteriors Huntsville Alabama

You like how these homes turned out? We bet we could do the same for yours, too! If you’re ready to get your new siding installed in Huntsville, AL, request a free quote from the button below or give us a ring at (256) 203-3705, and let’s discuss your project.

100+ Families In Alabama Love Us

We’re the go-to siding contractor for many people in Huntsville, AL. People not only love our craftsmanship but also how easy it is for them to get their new siding installed. Here’s what they all say about Freedom Exteriors!

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Marjorie Cobb


I am so glad I chose Freedom Exteriors & Construction to replace the rotten wavy siding on my home with James Hardie siding and trim!! Jordan and his team were patient, professional, respectful and responsive. I have definitely increased the value of my property with a quality product and it looks amazing! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

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Carl Walker


Jordan and his team replaced 31 windows on my home with Andersen 100 series inserts. We are extremely satisfied with the finished product. Jordan’s communication was top notch and his pricing was extremely fair. His team was on time and respectful. They were true craftsmen. Couldn’t recommend this company more for replacement window projects.

Siding Replacement And Installation Cost In Huntsville, AL

The cost to install Hardie ColorPlus Plank Siding for your 2000 sq ft home in Huntsville is $25K to $30K. The price increases with increased square feet and upgraded materials. For a 3000 sq ft home, the price increases to $40k – $50k, and for a 4000+ sq ft home, it’s around $55k to $60k. To avoid any guesswork, you’ll receive an accurate pricing estimate after our in-home consultation.

What Influences The Siding Installation Cost

Several factors can influence the cost of window installation in Huntsville, AL, pushing the average cost higher. These include:

Different types of siding materials offer a range of styles. Take vinyl, for example, which provides a wide variety of looks and textures to suit your taste. The cost of traditional vinyl lap siding averages between $2 and $6 per square foot. However, if you prefer the appearance of wood, brick, or stone, you can expect to pay around $5 to $10 per square foot for similar products.

The size and configuration of your home play a crucial role in determining the quantity of materials required and the time needed for siding installation. Additional factors such as multiple stories, dormers, and unique roof angles can contribute to increased costs associated with installing siding.
The location of your residence plays a crucial role in your access to and transportation of necessary materials. Vinyl, for instance, proves resilient in colder climates and is readily accessible in northern states. Conversely, it has a tendency to warp or crack under intense heat, resulting in decreased usage and availability in southern states.
The cost of removing siding typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,500. While vinyl and aluminum siding can often be installed over existing siding, certain materials require a clean surface for installation. If the new siding you select cannot cover the existing siding, you may incur additional expenses for labor and disposal.
Certain types of siding can also be painted, allowing for versatility in design. The cost of exterior painting, averaging around $3,000 for an entire house, offers an alternative to installing new siding, provided the existing siding remains undamaged. By applying a fresh coat of paint, you can achieve a renewed curb appeal and a rejuvenated aesthetic.
After the installation of your siding, the cost for trim typically amounts to an average of $1,800. Trim serves as the finishing touch, adorning the edges, doors, and windows of your home. It is commonly incorporated within the overall pricing for siding.
Each local municipality has its own set of codes governing permits and inspections for installing new siding. Minor repairs may not necessitate a permit, but since replacing the siding material for an entire home can result in significant changes affecting property tax assessment, it is advisable to reach out to your local planning or development authority to obtain the necessary application. Permit fees for siding installation typically range from $150 to $3,000.

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

We know replacing your home’s siding is a big investment, but it’s definitely one that pays off in the long run. If you’re still worried about some aspects of it, we’ve tackled two of the most common concerns of our clients.
Regardless of your budget, we can work together to find a solution that matches it and fulfills your needs as well. We also offer financing, so you don’t have to worry about paying for your project all at once, but in 12 months with no interest!
We keep our timelines accurate so you can get back to your day-to-day life without stressing over anything. It’s all predictable, and you’ll know exactly how much it’ll take after our on-site consultation.

New Home's Siding In 3 Simple Steps

We’ll get the job done, and we’ll do it to the highest quality the industry can offer. Our process ensures you won’t have to stress over anything during your siding replacement and installation project.
Step 2 - Collaborate



Get in touch, and let’s choose the best siding for your particular home.
Step 2 - Work



As soon as you’ve decided on the materials, we get to work according to our schedule.
Enjoy New Siding On Home Exterior in Huntsville



Take full advantage of a 5-year workmanship warranty and enjoy your new home.


It takes approximately 3 to 10 days to replace the siding on your home, depending on the size of your home:

  • 2000 sq ft home takes 3–5 days
  • 3000 sq ft home takes 5–7 days
  • 4000 sq ft home takes 7–10+ days

The most popular colors for home exteriors in Huntsville are neutral colors:

  • Whites And Off-Whites: These colors are classic and versatile, working well with nearly any home style. They can create a clean, crisp appearance and pair well with contrasting trim.
  • Beiges, Tans, And Taupe: These neutral colors are popular for their versatility, working well with various architectural styles and landscape designs.
  • Grays: Light grays to dark charcoals are trendy and give a modern yet timeless look to a home. They also pair well with both vibrant and subtle accent colors.
Yes, replacing your old siding can significantly increase the value of your Huntsville home. New siding improves curb appeal, making your home more attractive to potential buyers and enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and structural integrity. If you decide to sell, these improvements can translate into a higher asking price.
Yes, we will help you choose your siding and order your siding for you. We will take care of all the details for you.

New Home's Siding For Your Home - Made Easier

As a homeowner, being proud of your home’s looks means a lot. It shows you respect your investment and truly care about giving your property what’s best. New siding is an upgrade that not only helps you achieve this pride, but it’s also functional from different aspects – better insulation, higher home value, and better looks.
Jordan Owner of Freedom Exteriors Huntsville Alabama

Jordan Rodriguez

If you want a quality siding replacement and installation service for your home in Huntsville, AL, or surrounding areas, request a pricing quote from the button below or contact us at (256) 203-3705 to talk about your upcoming project.

(takes 1-2 min)


J Sowell


Great team to work with. Jordan was very responsive to all our questions; very quick to provide information. Would definitely recommend him to anyone getting new windows, doors, etc.


Brittany Moore


Jordan and his crew did a wonderful job replacing all of our windows. They were on time, easy to work with, got the job done quickly, and left the work site clean. Easiest install I have ever dealt with!

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