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Siding Replacement And Installation in Harvest, AL

Upgrade your home’s looks and market value with the help of our expert siding replacement and installation costs in Harvest, AL.
Siding Replacement And Installation in Harvest, AL

For years, homeowners in Harvest, AL looking for siding replacement and installation services have trusted us as their go-to team of professionals. Instead of facing costly repairs and energy inefficiencies, you get flawless results and can enjoy enhanced curb appeal and energy savings.

Choosing our professional team means avoiding the pitfalls of amateur work, like leaks or improper installation. You’ll benefit from increased home value and peace of mind, knowing your siding is correctly installed and built to last.

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Jordan Rodriguez Owner of Freedom Exteriors in Hunstville, Alabama

Jordan Rodriguez – Owner of Freedom Exteriors

Hi, I’m Jordan, the owner of Freedom Exteriors. I chose to specialize in exterior services because a beautiful and inviting exterior sets the tone for your home. My goal is to create a property that makes you excited every time you get home, and through my expertise, I can easily make that happen. With us, you get top-quality installation, production, management, and a team committed to providing exceptional service throughout your project.

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Our exceptional service level and benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting new standards for quality and reliability in siding installation. 

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Your home transformation could mirror the excellence you see in these photos, serving as perfect inspiration for your project. These examples showcase the high-quality work we’re known for. 

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What Your Neighbors In Harvest Think About Us

We’re deeply grateful for the glowing testimonials from our customers. Their feedback fuels our dedication to excellence. 

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Marjorie Cobb


I am so glad I chose Freedom Exteriors & Construction to replace the rotten wavy siding on my home with James Hardie siding and trim!! Jordan and his team were patient, professional, respectful and responsive. I have definitely increased the value of my property with a quality product and it looks amazing! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

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Carl Walker


Jordan and his team replaced 31 windows on my home with Andersen 100 series inserts. We are extremely satisfied with the finished product. Jordan’s communication was top notch and his pricing was extremely fair. His team was on time and respectful. They were true craftsmen. Couldn’t recommend this company more for replacement window projects.

Siding Replacement And Installation Costs in Harvest, AL

Experience top-notch siding replacement and installation tailored to your needs. Our projects typically range from $22,000 to $46,000, ensuring quality transformations within competitive price brackets. 

These are just estimates and we encourage you to reach out for a free custom quote.

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Siding Replacement And Installations in Harvest, AL

The cost of siding replacement and installation varies due to numerous factors, each playing a crucial role in determining the final price. Here are key elements that influence costs:

Strict Budget & Timeline Adherence

At our core, we’re professionals committed to providing accurate timelines and budget estimates. You can trust us to be transparent and precise.

Sticking to your budget is our priority. When we set an initial estimate, we respect that number. Our experience and planning mean we avoid unexpected costs, so your finances stay on track.

Meeting deadlines is as important to us as it is to you. We work diligently to finish your siding project before our agreed deadline, ensuring no unnecessary delays disrupt your plans or life.

3-Step Process For Succesful Projects

When you choose us for your siding project, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Our proven 3-step process covers everything, so you can relax and look forward to the results. 

Here’s how we do it:

Step 2 - Collaborate



We start with a conversation, listening to your needs and vision to craft the perfect plan.
Step 2 - Work



Our skilled team gets to work, transforming your home with precision and care.
Step 3 - Enjoy New Windows



Once we’re done, all that’s left for you is to admire and enjoy your home’s new look.

Siding Replacement And Installation in Harvest, AL - FAQs

Your home’s siding serves as a crucial barrier against the elements. Knowing when it’s time for a replacement is vital. Look out for these signs: Visible Damage: Check for cracks, warping, or holes in the siding. These indicate weathering and potential water damage. Increased Utility Bills: Escalating energy costs might result from siding that’s no longer insulating your home effectively. Fading or Peeling Paint: If paint starts to peel or fade unevenly, it could be due to deteriorating siding beneath the surface. Mold, Mildew, or Fungus: Moisture retention in siding can lead to mold or mildew growth, indicating a need for replacement. Rotten or Soft Areas: Press on the siding – soft or rotten areas suggest water infiltration, requiring immediate attention. Interior Wall Damage: Stains, discoloration, or visible water damage on interior walls could signal siding issues. High Maintenance Needs: If your siding requires frequent repairs or maintenance, replacing it might be more cost-effective. Addressing siding issues promptly can prevent further damage to your home’s structure and save on long-term repair costs.
When it comes to siding, there are many choices for replacement. Understanding the various options can help you decide on your home’s exterior. Here are some popular types: Vinyl Siding: Widely chosen for its low maintenance, ease of installation, and affordable cost. It comes in various colors and pre-fabricated styles. PlyGem is the #1 manufacturer of vinyl siding in North America. Engineered Wood Siding: Often chosen to replicate the look of traditional wood, engineered wood siding is a newer technology. Affordability falls in between vinyl siding and fiber cement. Fiber Cement Siding: Combines rigid durability and increased energy efficiency. Resistant to fire, rot, and insects, it’s a low-maintenance option. Fiber cement siding is very customizable and offers custom trim capabilities in addition to siding. James Hardie is the #1 manufacturer of fiber cement siding in North America. It should cost more than vinyl or engineered wood but less than brick or other types of siding. Metal Siding: Aluminum and steel siding are durable and come in various finishes. They offer good protection against weather elements and provide a modern, sleek look. Metal siding typically costs more than other products. Stone Veneer Siding: Mimics the look of natural stone but is lighter and easier to install. It enhances curb appeal with a luxurious appearance. Wood Siding: Authentic wood siding is popular for its traditional look. It typically requires the most maintenance with regular paint to maximize the lifespan. If not maintained properly, it can deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements. Consider climate, maintenance needs, cost, and desired aesthetics when selecting the right siding for your home.
When investing in siding, understanding its lifespan helps gauge long-term value. Here’s an overview of the durability of popular siding materials: Vinyl Siding: Depending on the quality of the product installed, vinyl siding can last up to 20 to 30 years. Its durability and resistance to rot and insects contribute to its longevity. However, due to the likelihood of increased fading and discoloration or outdated design, you may consider replacing it sooner. Engineered Wood Siding: Engineered wood siding is a newer product with less data and history, but it is expected to last up to 20 to 30 years. Fiber Cement Siding: Known for its durability, fiber cement siding has an impressive lifespan of around 30 to 50 years. It resists rot, fire, and pests, requiring minimal maintenance. Wood Siding: Natural wood siding, such as cedar or redwood, can last 20 to 40 years if well-maintained. Regularly painting or staining every 3-5 years will maximize its life. Metal Siding: Metal siding, like aluminum or steel, can last 40 years or more with proper care. Its resistance to pests, rot, and fire contributes to its longevity. Factors such as climate, maintenance, and installation quality can impact the lifespan of siding materials. Regular inspections and upkeep can extend the life expectancy of your chosen siding.
By working with an experienced siding contractor, they will be able to work with you to create a design unique to your vision and inspiration. They will use 3D imagery and renderings to give you various options and a realistic idea of what your new home could look like. Looking at Pinterest or social media is a great way to get inspired. Also ask your contractor for galleries of previous projects to give you ideas and check their work’s quality.
As a general guideline: For smaller to medium-sized homes, siding installation may take anywhere from 3-5 days on average. Larger homes or those with unique architectural features may require over a week to complete successfully. However, it’s essential to consult with a reputable siding contractor. They can provide a more accurate timeline based on your home’s specifics and the chosen siding material.
The maintenance needs of your siding can vary based on the material used. Here’s a breakdown of maintenance requirements for common siding types: Vinyl Siding: Generally low-maintenance, requiring occasional cleaning with a mild detergent and water. Inspecting for mold or mildew buildup is advisable. Engineered Wood Siding: Regular painting or staining every few years helps maintain its appearance and protection against moisture. Periodic inspections for signs of rot or damage are recommended. Wood Siding: Regular maintenance involves staining or painting every few years to protect against moisture and UV damage. Inspecting for rot and insect infestation and applying sealants are essential. Fiber Cement Siding: Minimal maintenance required. Periodic cleaning with a soft brush and mild detergent helps preserve its appearance. Metal Siding: Typically low-maintenance, occasional washing with a hose and mild detergent suffices. Inspect for scratches or dents, and touch up paint to prevent rust. Stone Veneer Siding: Generally requires minimal maintenance. Occasional cleaning with a mild detergent and checking for loose stones or mortar are advisable. Regular inspections, especially after extreme weather conditions, are crucial for all siding types. Promptly addressing any damage or issues can prolong the lifespan of your siding.
We never recommend existing new siding over existing siding, unless you know there is a proper house wrap barrier installed underneath your existing siding and really need to save on cost. By installing siding over siding, underlying issues are not exposed or able to be repaired. This is especially true if your current siding is deteriorated or has not been maintained.
Siding replacement can significantly contribute to improving the energy efficiency of your home. Here’s how: Insulation Upgrade: Upgrading to insulated siding or adding insulation during the replacement process enhances your home’s thermal performance. This helps regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heat loss or gain. Sealing and Weatherproofing: New siding, properly installed, creates a tighter seal against the elements. This reduces air leakage, preventing drafts and maintaining a more consistent indoor climate. Reflective Properties: Certain siding materials, like light-colored vinyl or engineered wood, can reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption into your home during warmer months. Reduced Energy Consumption: With improved insulation and reduced air leaks, your HVAC system operates more efficiently. This can lead to lower energy bills by minimizing the need for constant heating or cooling. Moisture Control: Siding replacement addresses moisture issues, preventing water infiltration that could lead to mold or mildew. A drier home is easier to heat or cool effectively. While siding replacement offers substantial energy efficiency benefits, choosing the right material and ensuring proper installation are crucial. Consult with a professional to select siding that aligns with your energy efficiency goals.

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Harvest, AL, situated close to Huntsville, boasts a community-oriented atmosphere with landmarks like the historical Harvest Square Preserve and Sparkman Park. This town blends the charm of Alabama countryside living with the convenience of proximity to Huntsville‘s technological and cultural hubs. A perfect locale for those seeking a serene lifestyle while being a stone’s throw away from urban amenities.