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New Windows Installed On The Exterior Of A House

More Comfort & Bigger Savings With Better Windows

Installing good windows for your home is paramount. A professional window can make a difference between a comfortable, efficient home with low energy bills and one that brings stress to your life.

With new Andersen Windows or ProVia Windows, you can substantially improve your home’s energy efficiency, keeping your home comfortably warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer. 

Andersen and ProVia design their windows with your convenience in mind. You new windows will be easier to maintain, operate, and with added security for your family.

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We're the Largest Andersen Certified Contractor in Alabama.

Our Window Installation Portfolio

Browse through our gallery to get a better idea of how we can help you renovate your home's exterior windows. We use the best brands because your Huntsville home deserves the best care.

Window Installation - Popular Upgrades

Newly Installed Grid windows on a light blue home

Grid Windows

Adding grids to your windows can significantly enhance your Huntsville home’s charm and curb appeal. It’s a simple change that can create a classic look and make your windows appear more prominent.
Window Screens sitting against the wall

Window Screens

Installing screens on your windows is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh Huntsville, Alabama, breeze while keeping bugs at bay. It’s a practical upgrade that combines the joy of outdoor living with the comfort of being indoors.
Close up of Window hardware

New Window Hardware

Upgrading the hardware on your windows can add a dash of sophistication and improve the functionality of your Huntsville home. It’s a subtle change that enhances your windows’ style and can make them easier to use.
Double and triple glass pane for windows

2-3 Pane Glass

Double and triple pane glass windows are much better at conserving energy and not letting cold air inside your home. These are a bit more expensive, but definitely an investment that’ll save you money in the long run.

Beautiful green window trim

Exterior Window Trim

You window installation is not complete until you add a beautiful trim to it. In the picture above, the custom green color complements the beautiful beige siding, giving a nice flow to the entire property.
Newly Installed Bay and bow windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Undoubtedly your partner gave you hints about a cozy nook in the dining room or living space. The bay and bow windows are the easiest way to create a comfortable space that’s perfect to drink your morning coffee on a Sunday or read a book.

Frequent Questions About Window Installation

Replace your windows when you feel cold drafts or when you find your HVAC unit constantly working in the cold winter months or hot summer months, when you find it difficult to open and close them, when they’re rotten, when water goes through them, or when they’re making too much noise.

If you feel the window is not matching your home’s exterior or if it’s dated, it’s up to you whether you want to replace and install new windows to create a new aesthetic or upgrade your curb appeal.

Window manufacturers that are well-regarded for quality, efficiency, and durability include Andersen Windows, Pella Windows, Marvin Windows, and Loewen. These manufacturers are known for composite, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad windows.

Higher-quality vinyl window manufacturers include ProVia, Milgard, Simonton, and JELD-WEN.

While there are no rules dictating how many windows have to be replaced at once, our general advice is if a few of your windows seem like they need replacing then most likely all of them will need to be replaced in the near future, if possible.

Of course, we understand budgetary constraints especially if you weren’t planning on a full window replacement, and we will always strive to offer our expertise while working within your budget and desired outcome.

There are so many window manufacturers, styles, and materials on the market. When it comes to window replacement, this is a project you only want to take on one time, so we always recommend to our customers to select a quality window the first time and make sure it is professionally installed to maximize the life of that window.

We partner with quality manufacturers that have extensive research and development departments to make sure they are constantly improving and utilizing current technology. We have visited each manufacturing facility of the companies we partner with to ensure their process focuses on quality craftsmanship so we can trust their products will last in your home.

The topic of “custom windows” is thrown around as a buzzword by many window replacement companies. The truth is, pretty much any replacement window will be custom-sized and this is not unique to any company.

Window manufacturers have their own “standard sizes” when it comes to new construction style windows when a house is first built, this is so that another manufacturer can not always sell the exact same “standard size” as the original window that was installed. The only time standard-size windows come into play and are advantageous is when you are building a new construction-style house.

Going with standard-size windows in this scenario, as opposed to custom sizes, will save you on cost. The bottom line is that when it comes to replacement windows, pretty much everything will be custom.

This question depends on what window you choose to go with and what your definition of true lifespan is. The majority of windows we replaced are well past their intended lifespan.

Typically, you can expect a quality vinyl window to last 15-20 years, while we have replaced lower-quality vinyl windows that are less than 10 years old. Composite windows are intended to last 25-30 years or longer, while higher-end windows, such as aluminum-clad windows, could last well over 30 years if installed correctly.

An insert replacement is when you leave the existing wood frame of your window, and only replace the sashes (operable parts) and tracks of your window. This is a much quicker installation process, and does not disturb any of your interior trim. The existing wood frame will be capped with metal from the exterior, so that none of it is exposed. An insert window application can only be done when replacing wood windows.

A full frame replacement involves removing all parts of your existing window including the frame, exterior trim, sashes, tracks, and interior trim. This removes all of the old wood and allows for a larger window to be installed into the existing rough opening. During this installation application, your window opening will be stripped down to the 2×4, allowing for a complete replacement that will last for decades to come. Full frame replacements require new interior trim and often extension jambs to be installed since your replacement window may have a shallower frame than your original wood frame window.

If you have original vinyl or aluminum windows, the entire frame is removed no matter what because the window is integrated as one unit with a nailing flange. However, it’s very common to have to remove the interior trim and either replace it or rip it down as these windows may have a shallower depth than your new replacement window. If you have siding, it is wise to remove the siding around the window, cut it back, or work behind it and go with a new construction-style window that has a nailing flange and will be flashed to your weather-resistant barrier WRB.

If you have brick, the window will need to be carefully measured and set in the brick pocket, then properly sealed to the brick.

The cost to replace your windows varies among several different factors such as what type of windows you currently have, the existing condition of your current windows, the type of windows you’d like to replace with and options you select, the size of your windows, code requirements such as tempered glass or fall protection, etc.

The main driving factors that dictate what new windows will cost are the building material of your new window (vinyl, composite, clad, etc.) the labor costs associated with the company you select, and the installation application (insert vs full frame).

With windows, the phrase “you get what you pay for ” is very true in terms of the quality of material and manufacturing process that goes into producing your new windows.

On average, replacing with a vinyl insert window will cost between $800-$1000/window, replacing with a composite window (full frame replacement) will cost between $1200-$1500/window, replacing with a clad window (full frame replacement) will cost between $2000-$3000/window.

Vinyl windows are constructed from PVC and are typically open chambers in the window frame, meaning less insulation. Machines typically weld them together in a factory, which maximizes their production volume and lowers cost.

Vinyl windows are the most economical windows available. Composite windows are constructed from mixed fibers or other materials such as fiberglass. They are better quality due to the material that the window is constructed from. They provide great value without breaking the bank.

Clad windows come in various exterior claddings, such as vinyl-cladding or aluminum-cladding. These windows have full wood frames, so there are no open chambers, increasing energy efficiency. Due to the nature of having a fully framed wood window, this product is not comparable to vinyl or composite windows.

To protect the frame from rot and decay, different skins are applied to the frame and can vary. Vinyl-clad windows will be more economical than aluminum-clad due to the difference in quality and cost of those skins. Clad windows are often very aesthetically pleasing and can boost your curb appeal. However, always keep in mind that a window is only as good as its installation.

When choosing a window replacement contractor, look for a company that offers more than one type of installation application. Many companies out there only offer insert replacement windows and will cap anything with metal. Depending on your situation, this may not be the best fit for you.

Look for certifications such as the Installation Masters Window & Door Certification by the FGIA. These installers are trained in various installation techniques and applications depending on what’s needed for your home. Ask your contractor whether they have in-house crews or sub-contractors and how many crews they run.

The majority of window replacement companies are volume-based and manage 50-100 jobs per week. They may not be sure who will show up at your home on the day of installation. Work with a contractor who is willing to work with you throughout the process of selecting your new windows rather than just selling you your house.

Companies that offer more than one brand are more likely to offer a window that best fits your needs and budget rather than trying to sell you on just one type of window. As always, always ask for licensing and insurance from your replacement contractor. In the state of Alabama, any project exceeding $10,000 requires a Residential Home Builders License.

Window Installation Cost In Huntsville, AL

Check out these pricing guidelines! For a personalized pricing quote, it’s best to request a quote!

Before After

Window Installation in Huntsville

Our client wanted to keep the same type of window, but more efficient and beautiful. This project included:

This window installation in Huntsville, AL was quoted at $39,380, where the most expensive item was the Andersen 100 series windows, at $27,460.

Before After

Window Installation in Athens

This window installation in Athens, AL, was a fairly large project we’ve worked on. It included:

This project was quoted at $29,465, and as you’d expect, the most expensive item was the 17 Andersen 100 Series windows, at $22,385.

Before After

Vinyl Window Installation in Madison

Here’s a cost-efficient windows upgrade for one of our clients in Madison, AL. This project included:

This vinyl window installation project was quoted at $10,800, where the ProVia Aspect Windows came in at around $6,200.

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As a local family business, we understand the importance your home has in your life. We treat it as if it was ours, only working on one project at a time to make sure that you get our full attention.

As licensed Alabama home builders, we go beyond installing new siding to your home. Every part of the process is done right.

We manage the warranty of your siding directly with James Hardie so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our team is trained, certified, and our work is backed up by James Hardie professionals. Nothing goes to chance when it comes to your home. 

A Simple Window Installation Process

This window installation process is designed to keep you comfortable throughout your project. You’ll enjoy a highly efficient team that gets your windows installed in record-time.

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Our 5-year workmanship warranty guarantees your peace of mind.

Our Customers Love Their New Windows

Our customers' words are proof of our craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. Check out some of their stories below, and discover all the reasons to work with us!

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Carl Walker


Jordan and his team replaced 31 windows on my home with Andersen 100 series inserts. We are extremely satisfied with the finished product. 

Jordan’s communication was top notch and his pricing was extremely fair. His team was on time and respectful. They were true craftsmen. 

Couldn’t recommend this company more for replacement window projects.


Valerie McGraw


We had all of our windows replaced by Freedom Exteriors & Construction. 

They were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Great people to work with. 

They went over and beyond our expectations. We will definitely call them again for future projects.

Bill Dehorty


Very pleased with the work they did for us. Very professional management and crew. Top quality work. 

Great accessibility when we had questions. This was a very large job (50+ windows), a combination of renovation and new construction. A variety of windows (arched, picture windows, casements, double-hung). 

We can’t say enough about Jordan, Jose and their crew. They are outstanding.

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Get a quick and hassle-free upgrade by replacing your windows with energy-efficient and beautiful ones. No other contractor in Huntsville, AL, offers you the same level of professionalism as we do.

Throughout our partnership we’ll maintain open communication channels, so you’ll know what happens on your property at any point in time.

Your new windows come with a 5-year workmanship warranty, so if anything ever comes up with our work, we’ll come right back to fix it for you.

Your window installation cost will remain the same, regardless of how the market changes over-night. No hidden fees, delays, or extra charges.

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