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Window Installation In Owens Cross Roads, AL

Looking for new windows for your home in Owens Cross Roads, AL?

Man Installing New Windows Owens Cross Roads

Enhance the security and energy efficiency of your home by upgrading your windows. New double or triple-glazed windows offer better insulation and more comfort to your home, making your day-to-day life a lot better inside your home.

At Freedom Exteriors, we specialize in providing exceptional window installation services in Owens Cross Roads, AL. We’re the largest Andersen Certified Contractor in Alabama, guaranteeing you’ll get the best materials and installation on your home upgrade.

New Home Windows Installed By Freedom Exteriors In Alabama
Jordan Rodriguez Owner of Freedom Exteriors in Hunstville, Alabama

Jordan – Owner of Freedom Exteriors

Hi, I’m Jordan, the owner of Freedom Exteriors. I chose to specialize in exterior services because a beautiful and inviting exterior sets the tone for your home. My goal is to create a property that makes you excited every time you get home, and through my expertise, I can easily make that happen. With us, you get top-quality installation, production, management, and a team committed to providing exceptional service throughout your project.

A Great Experience Only We Can Deliver

We know your home is more than just a place to live; it’s a valuable investment that needs to be looked after. New windows are always a great upgrade, but you’ll want a quality installation. Remember, windows are just as good as their installation, so you can’t get just about anyone to install them.

Instead, work with a reputable window installer right here in Owens Cross Roads, AL, and enjoy the finest window installation you can get around here.

Partner with us to enjoy:

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Discover our vast portfolio, featuring a wide range of impeccably executed window installations in Owens Cross Roads, AL.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about our top-notch window installation services in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Give us a call at (256) 203-3705 – our friendly, professional team is ready to assist you with your window installation needs. Let us make your vision a reality.

Discover What Your Neighbours Say About Us

Now, take a look at what our satisfied customers in Owens Cross Roads, AL, have to say about our window installation services in their own words.


Melinda Caruso


Jordan was very professional when putting in our windows. He did a beautiful job. We have had several neighbors stop by complimenting them. 

Before he left he made sure we didn’t have any questions and cleaned up including vacuuming and wiping the smudges from the windows. 

He definitely takes pride in his work! I would definitely recommend him to family and friends and have.


Dawn H


Jordan was a pleasure to work with. He was polite, timely and extremely knowledgeable when it came to replacing historic windows. 

He attended an historic presentation commission meeting in order to provide important information so that the project could be approved. 

He was very amenable to timelines, questions and discussions about the large number of windows to be replaced (37!) and how to best accomplish the project in an accurate aesthetic. I would highly recommend Jordan!

Average Windows Installation Cost In Owens Cross Roads, AL

The cost of window installation in Owens Cross Roads, AL can vary significantly based on the type of window you select. For instance, aluminum windows have a starting installation cost as low as $100, while fiberglass windows typically start around $1,200. Casement windows, a popular choice among homeowners, generally range in cost from $300 to $600.

At Freedom Exteriors, our primary aim is to deliver unparalleled window installation services. We strive to offer you exceptional quality at competitive prices, ensuring that your investment provides the utmost value.

Material Cost Range Average Cost
Aluminum $75 - $800+ $100 - $400
Vinyl $100 - $900+ $200 - $500
Wood $150 - $1,800+ $300 - $600
Composite $300 - $1,800+ $300 - $800
Fiberglass $300 - $1,500+ $800 - $1,200
Window Type Cost Range Average Cost
Picture $65 - $1,200+ $300 - $800
Single-Hung $150 - $800+ $200 - $600
Double-Hung $150 - $800+ $300 - $650
Casement $150 - $2,000+ $300 - $600
Siding $150 - $2,000+ $300 - $800
Skylight $900 - $2,500+ $1,000 - $1,200
Arched $340 - $1,000 $350 - $950
Bow $700 - $6,500 $1,700 - $3,600
Awning $400 - $950 $450 - $900

* Costs can vary based on project needs. For an accurate quote tailored to your window installation needs in Owens Cross Roads, AL, please contact us.

Factors That Drive Window Installation Costs Higher

Several factors can influence the cost of window installation in Owens Cross Roads, AL, pushing the average cost higher. These include:
Different types of windows have varying price points. Specialty or custom windows, such as bay, bow, or garden windows, typically come at a higher cost than standard single or double-hung models.
The window frame material choice can significantly affect the price. Vinyl is usually the most affordable option, while wood, aluminum, and fiberglass are generally pricier alternatives.
Installing larger windows costs more due to increased materials and labor requirements.
If structural modifications to the wall are needed during installation, the cost will increase due to additional labor and materials.
Energy-efficient windows with features like double glazing, low-E coatings, and gas fills may have a higher upfront cost. But these investments can lead to long-term savings.
Installing windows on higher floors or in hard-to-reach areas can result in higher labor costs. The added complexity and increased risk of these installations contribute to overall expenses.
Certain brands charge more due to their reputation, use of premium materials, and warranty.

For specific pricing details tailored to your unique needs and preferences, please contact us at Freedom Exteriors. We look forward to providing you with an accurate quote for your window installation project in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Don’t hesitate to reach us today!

Don't Stress Over Time And Money

At Freedom Exteriors, we value your budget and deadlines. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional window installation services that meet your financial plan and timeline, without compromising on quality.

Investing in window installation boosts property value, enhances energy efficiency, and improves comfort. High-quality windows provide better insulation, reducing energy costs and enhancing home aesthetics. It’s a worthwhile investment with great returns, combining practicality and beauty.

At Freedom Exteriors, we value your time. With respect for your schedule and home, we guarantee fast and efficient window installations. Our commitment to quality and cleanliness ensures a hassle-free transformation of your space. Trust us for timely results you can rely on.

Window Installation Made Easier Than Ever

At Freedom Exteriors, our window installation process in Owens Cross Roads, AL, is designed to be straightforward, efficient, and hassle-free. We follow a simple 3-step approach that ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

Step 2 - Collaborate



We collaborate, understanding your unique needs and preferences, to provide expert guidance and create a customized solution.
Step 2 - Work



Our skilled team, using state-of-the-art tools, performs precise window installations with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
Step 3 - Enjoy New Windows



After installation, enjoy the enhanced beauty, energy efficiency, and increased property value of your new windows.

Window Installation FAQs

The cost to replace your Owens Cross Roads home’s windows depends on the quantity and quality of the windows you choose:

  1. Replacing 10 to 15 windows costs between $10 to $25K
  2. Replacing 15 to 20 windows costs between $20 to $60K
  3. Replacing 20 to 25 windows costs between $35 to $90K
Fiberglass windows offer exceptional durability, resistance to weathering, and long-lasting performance. They can withstand extreme temperatures and resist corrosion, making them a popular choice for all climates. Moreover, they are renowned for their minimal maintenance requirements. Similarly, vinyl windows are highly durable and require minimal upkeep. They are immune to peeling, cracking, or warping, and can endure harsh weather conditions. Nevertheless, they have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to fiberglass windows. In addition, vinyl windows are generally more cost-effective than other window types.
Window manufacturers that are well-regarded for quality, efficiency, and durability include Andersen Windows, Pella Windows, Marvin Windows, and Loewen. These manufacturers are known for composite, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad windows. Higher-quality vinyl window manufacturers include ProVia, Milgard, Simonton, and JELD-WEN.
The cost to replace your windows varies among several different factors such as what type of windows you currently have, the existing condition of your current windows, the type of windows you’d like to replace with and options you select, the size of your windows, code requirements such as tempered glass or fall protection, etc. On average, replacing with a vinyl insert window will cost between $800-$1000/window, replacing with a composite window (full frame replacement) will cost between $1200-$1500/window, replacing with a clad window (full frame replacement) will cost between $2000-$3000/window.
  • Vinyl windows are constructed from PVC and are typically open chambers in the window frame, meaning less insulation. Machines typically weld them together in a factory, which maximizes their production volume and lowers cost.
  • Composite windows are the most economical windows available. Composite windows are constructed from mixed fibers or other materials such as fiberglass. They are better quality due to the material that the window is constructed from. They provide great value without breaking the bank.
  • Clad windows come in various exterior claddings, such as vinyl-cladding or aluminum-cladding. These windows have full wood frames, so there are no open chambers, increasing energy efficiency. Due to the nature of having a fully framed wood window, this product is not comparable to vinyl or composite windows.

Take Your Home's Efficiency To The Next Level With New Windows

Look no further for top-notch window installation services in Owens Cross Roads! At Freedom Exteriors, we are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art windows that not only enhance energy efficiency but also elevate the overall appeal of your home. Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty through our exceptional window solutions.

Jordan Owner of Freedom Exteriors Huntsville Alabama

Jordan Rodriguez

Discover our wide range of services and book a consultation by contacting us today at (256) 203-3705. Our team is excited to help you transform your living space with beautiful, high-quality windows.

(takes 1-2 min)


Barbara Powell


Highly recommend this business. My windows were not a traditional install. 

 They did a great job installing and cleaning up. You would never know anyone did work at my house. The final job was excellent and looks awesome. Thanks again.


Regina Jennings


Mr. Rodriguez installed our new bedroom windows. Efficient, knowledgeable, on-time with no rescheduling (previous installation company rescheduled three times) and very courteous. 

Overall extremely pleased.

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